Thursday, January 17, 2013

Updates from Chestnut and Nick

Now they are Teak and Toby ;) Much better names, imo.

“Good Morning Jennifer & family!

Day 1 - I wanted to give you an update on Toby before I go to bed. He has done very well today, I got home from work tonight and B had taught Toby to "sit" its so cute! She also taught him how to walk on a leash. He ate his dog food mixed with chicken, he loved it! He follows B around everywhere. He only had one potty accident today. All in all we had a Great day with the little guy! We love him very much! Thank you for our little Toby dog. :0)

Day 2 - We put him in a create next to my bed, it only took him 5 minutes to calm down and telling "No, go to sleep" I kept thinking this is just to easy!! He slept for 5 hours and held it. I took him out @ 5 am this morning. Cuddled with him for 15 minutes, at first he wanted to play, I put my hand gently over his face to tell him no playing, he gave a funny whine and sighed and cuddled into my neck. I can't believe how smart he is!! What an amazing little dog that God made!! “

“Hi Jenn and family, wanted to shoot you an email to let you know little Teak is settling into our family very well. He eats like a horse and pees a lot, he and A are the best of friends and also getting comfortable with our other dog C. Thank you for our newest member "Teak".
D, K and little A

Sunday, January 13, 2013


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Jan2013 012

Cole's first(and last) bath before going home this afternoon! He didn't mind it a bit.

Did you know: Here at Squaw Creek ShihPoo we strive to raise our puppies in a clean & dry environment, so that they only need a bath on the day before they go home. That way, they are not subject to continual bathing while very young. This can cause grooming fear and create a pup that is so frightened of the groomer, the groomer will actually refuse to groom your dog. Our puppies first bath is at an older age and in the warmth of our sink, in a quiet and gentle setting.

Butter's litter - 6 weeks

6 weeks! This is the week their confidence is shining through. They love to go in the yard for romping and playing with sticks and leaves...