Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pictures of both litters – July 30, 2011

We are sorry, but both these litters are sold. If you are interested in getting on our waiting list for our next litter, please contact me at – Thank you!

 7.30.2011 700

Blossom(L)SOLD and Camilla(R)

7.30.2011 710 

Blossom -SOLD 

7.30.2011 711 


7.30.2011 714 

A little wiggle worm. We try not to get our hands in the pictures, but this little guy was interested in one thing only…me!

7.30.2011 715 

Wiggle worm II - SOLD

7.30.2011 716 

See the brown in this guy? It will go away me thinks.

7.30.2011 717 

Curl, curl, curl.

7.30.2011 719 

It was soooo hard to tell these guys apart.

7.30.2011 721

Laurel’s picture is horrible, but she is adorable!

7.30.2011 720

More curl! - SOLD

Monday, July 11, 2011

Pansy’s Puppies

Born July 9th, ready for homes on Sept 3


Two precious lil girls.




LOVE the tails


Shasta’s Puppies

Born July 1st, ready for homes on Aug 26, 2001


The three girls on the left and the four boys are on the right. The middle boy(the one turning around) is a dark chocolate brown as is the second boy from the left.  DSCN0062



Look …at those little poodle noses!




That’s a lot of ShihPoos!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Litter!

Shasta had a litter of eight, yes eight(wow), puppies last Thursday. One weak one did die so we are left with seven beauties. Pictures coming very soon, please be patient as I am managing life with seven sweet children and a newborn girl born on June 24th! Lydia Joy was born here at home at 2pm that afternoon, 8lb 13oz 21" and she is even cuter than the puppies ;) Stay tuned...

Butter's litter - 6 weeks

6 weeks! This is the week their confidence is shining through. They love to go in the yard for romping and playing with sticks and leaves...