Friday, August 16, 2013

Mary Joy–August 14–8lbs 6oz


Sorry, but I will not be responding to any emails for at least a week due to medical issues. Winking smile

Mary Joy was born at home August 14. At home you ask? Some of you know the story. Yes. I was 13 days overdue and thought back over all the praying we had done to ask the Lord fix the placenta previa that, at the last moment, forced us to plan a hospital birth, and thought, I’d really like to have an ultrasound to just see if the problem was resolved. I mean, why pray for something if you’re never going to check to see if the Lord answered your prayer in the first place?

At 12 days overdue, my OB and midwife called to tell me the ultrasound results were that the placenta HAD moved and my OB cleared me for a homebirth. Crazy! We had waited 13 loooong days past my due date for this little girl and guess what happened the morning after we were cleared for a homebirth? I went into labor and she was delivered at 8:04pm, Wednesday. Healthy and with a voracious appetite. My smallest baby yet at 8lbs 6oz!

That sounds all wonderful and we saved a ton of money verses a hospital birth, BUT I had my wonderful first experience of riding in an ambulance, 4 hours after the birth because of hemorrhage, surgery, my first general anesthetic, blood transfusions and a two day stay in the hospital! Ha! And I thought a simple birth would be expensive, I had no idea! So the cost of puppies just went up $4500..…just kidding.

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