Sunday, October 30, 2016

7 weeks old!

Five more days and these cuties are ready to go to there forever homes! I still have two puppies from this litter available,  so give me a call, come over to play with them and pick the one you love. 

This week Maple weighed in at 2lb14oz, Cinnamon at 2lb12oz, Frost at 2lb7oz and Pumpkin at 2lb5oz.

Maple has a small umbilical hernia that will require a stitch or two upon the time of her spay, which we will reimburse.

Here are their seven week pictures!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Just a quick pic as they had to show their best to a potential family.  ❤

Friday, October 14, 2016

Willow's Litter - Born Sep 9, Ready Nov 4, 2016

Here is the newest litter(that is sold)

My apologies on pictures that are three days late. After taking this beautiful pictures Monday night, I realized I had no way of uploading them. I considered taking pictures with my phone, but instead borrowed a computer to make this happen. Our family has not had a computer for many months so editing and uploading quality pictures is not going to happen like before. Bear with me and my cheesy photos. ;)

Meet Maple(girl), Pumpkin(girl), Frost(girl) and Cinnamon(boy)

Cinnamon, by far, wins the personality award! Each puppy comes out of it's little shy shell at different times, as they develop, and this little guy is early. He is very friendly, gives kisses and wants to be away from the litter in in a lap while his sisters sit quietly looking apprehensively from a safe distance. They will all be catching up soon. ;)
Here you get a good look at their markings






The sisters, Maple, Frost and Pumpkin

Goofy little Cinnamon loves to be cradled

Maple and Frost


Butter's litter - 6 weeks

6 weeks! This is the week their confidence is shining through. They love to go in the yard for romping and playing with sticks and leaves...