Monday, May 27, 2013

Introducing Shasta’s Litter–Born May 26


Not a lot of photo because I do not want to stress mama out from not having her babies. Here’s a quick peek!


There are five here, really. I was wrong about sexes and colors. There is one brown boy, one brown girl and three black(?) girls.  The (?) meaning one black looks as if it has brown swirled in and we won’t know for a few days.


That’s a smooshy shih tzu nose!


About 18 hours old.


Do’in the puppy pile.

Sassy’s Litter–born May 5 ready June 30


Here’s the lil stinkers.

Three weeks old and a couple are on their feet!


Binks, Leia, Chewy, Obi-wan & Yoda



Binks, Leia(curly) and Chewy(more straight)



Leia, Binks, Chewy, Obi-wan & Yoda

My husband didn’t like this picture. I still like it. Winking smile




Binks can have the most pitiful looks you just want to smooch his cheeks.


Leia being shy and hiding in my hand.


Leia posing pretty


Chewy. His hair, as of now, is amazingly straight for having poodle in him. He was the first to walk and has successfully made it out of his whelping box a few times. Most of the time mama picks him up and puts him back, but I notices last night he may be too heavy for her, as she let him stay out, lol. Time to move to a mat instead of the box me thinks.




Yoda has a very sweet mellow personality and just sits back and takes life in.


Obi-wan. At this age the puppies are still a little afraid of us, even though they are being socialized, they’d rather be with mama. We are big.  This little guy seems to appreciate soft talking, hands, and loves to lick.



Friday, May 17, 2013

Pictures May 17, 2013–1.75 weeks old

Sassy’s ~ Born May 5, ready June 30.

I wasn’t going to post pictures until their eyes opened, but they’re making me wait too long.


Binks, Yoda, Chewy, Obi-wan, Leia




If you look reeeeeal close, Leia, above, has little slits in her eyelids and they are opening today. By tomorrow morning they should be wide open little peepers.


Binks, Yoda, Chewy, Obi-wan, Leia


Chewy and Lydia having snuggling time and kisses.

Friday, May 10, 2013


Born the day after national Star Wars Day, here are our newly named sweethearts.


Meet Binks. Jar-Jar Binks


And Leia. Princess Leia.


Obi. Obi-wan.


Yoda. Must I point out the ears? Really? The name fits.



And Chewy for Chewbacca. He’s a rolly polly big brown boy.

As you might be wondering, we lost the little tan girl. She was born considerably smaller than the rest and just hadn’t the energy to nurse and make it, even with tube feedings.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Meet the girls…



This(above) is my favorite picture. Anyone who knows Summer knows this dog is perpetually happy, wagging and smiling.


Sassy is calm, very loving and attentive. This picture really captures her personality.


Pansy is curious, calm and a people lover. She will follow me where ever I go, even if the yard is hers to romp in. Her puppies have one-of-a-kind eyelashes that are long, lush and simply gorgeous. She is my only dog that does not tolerate cats.


Blossom was bred and born here at Squaw Creek.  She, too, is calm and watchful. Lap dog extraordinaire. She is very quiet and loves snuggles. She loves walks/hikes and is an attentive, obedient sweetheart.


Then there’s Willow. Willow and Buttercup are sisters, littermates. They are young(1yr) little balls of fire, absolutely awesome with children, stick to you like glue and ready to take on the world.


Shasta is our little sweetheart. She loves dragging her tummy on the grass with her legs behind her. Shasta is placid and peaceful and is a judge of  your emotions. If you need a pick me up, she’s all that, if you need a quiet friend on your lap, she’s there to keep you company.


Buttercup has beautiful eyes! Could I find them? Nope. I think she needs a pig tail up top. Buttercup’s(and Willow’s) parents are fabulous companion dogs. Buttercup is a white and brown brindle. BEAUtiful brindle. A typically great, easy going ShihTzu personality.


Lily. Lily is laid back, an observer, a thinker. She is a watcher, perceptive. She is great with other dogs and could spend her life content and on a lap.


My girls’ coats are kept short for cleanliness sake. I keep their coats manageable, so some will have short coats and some longer in these photos, depending on where they are in their grooming schedule.

Buttercup and Willow are our new  blood. They will be replacing retirees. It’s fun having two spunky pups in the kennel again!

I am working on collages of each girl with more pictures.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Pictures! May 5, Sassy’s Pups

Some 24 hours old, some not quite. Born the day after National Star Wars Day, I decided that would be a good theme to use for naming the pups! Names will be assigned tomorrow instead of #1, #2 and so on Winking smile

may1013 050

Above are the two little tans. One is lighter than the other. The little girl is much smaller than the little man, let’s hope she is a strong nurser and able to fight for her place in the puppy pile. We are watching her closely.

may1013 051

The little male has a distinct white dot on his forehead.

may1013 052

This is the little girl a half inch away from my lens cap that is maybe 2”across.

may1013 053

Not the best picture, here are the darks. Two blacks(both males) and two dobie(one male, one female) or tri’s, not sure which way they are going to go!

may1013 054

This is the little girl. You can get an idea of her markings here.

may1013 055

This is the dobie/tri boy. This one’s ears have definitely earned  him the name Yoda.

may1013 056

Here is the a first litter picture! Better ones to come in the following days. The little girls are the tan on top and the tri on the far left with the white paw.

Butter's litter - 6 weeks

6 weeks! This is the week their confidence is shining through. They love to go in the yard for romping and playing with sticks and leaves...