Wednesday, January 4, 2012

8 Weeks and ready to go!


Get these little winter sweeties at our reduced winter(Sept-Feb) prices!

Call now for availability or to set up an appointment in our home to visit with and familiarize yourself with their adorable little personalities.

$550 each

(remember 100% money back written guarantee if puppy is deemed unhealthy in any way by your vet within 7 days of pickup)

These little guys(yes, they are all males) are ready for forever homes today. They are Squaw Creek ShihPoo’s smallest puppies with an adult weigh of around 6-8lbs. Right now, they are 8 weeks and barely 2lbs each.


(SOLD, Freddy and Teddy)

The little brown guy is now SOLD and on his way to Alaska! Our first Alaskan puppy. Freddie(left) and Teddy(right) are still available. 


This is Freddy.  He’s the larger of the two blacks(we’re talking a couple ounces) and the one in the middle in the picture above.




Teddy is a charmer and an ambitious little stinker at that. Tonight he was playing keep away from my daughter with her pencil. The pencil was as long as the puppy.


Look at those eyes…







Good with babies… ;) Though we did have to save the baby from an over abundance of puppy kisses that she couldn’t get away from.


Yes ma’am, I’ll sit still.




Freddy is not the most photogenic in these pictures, he really is a twin to Teddy. VERY cute. He is currently sitting pathetically in his puppy pen whining for me to come hold him. He is a real people person, great with children and full of cuddles and sweetness.


Teddy, then SOLD, then Freddy. Freddy looks much bigger in these photos, but there really isn’t much of a difference, this picture does not show accurate heights.

If you’d like to see these little ones, please call us at 360-354-1477 and ask for Jennifer. By appointment only.

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