Friday, June 26, 2015

Going home in two weeks...

Pictures in the sun! ;)

So here are some fun extras we took today...

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Friday Pictures!

 As soon as Lily’s litter is three weeks old I will be working through the waiting list to secure puppies. I haven’t done that until now so that if we lost a puppy early on, someone who had been waiting forEVER would not have to wait AGAIN. Every one of these guys are robust and healthy, so I think it is safe to start taking deposits soon(if you have not already sent one). Look how they’ve grown!

Pansy and Willow’s little guys are on their feet walking and I catch them sitting in the doorway of their whelping box, peering outside, contemplating leaving the box. Maybe this next week they’ll take on the Big World.

Always the same *ho-hum* pose for this calm lil guy

Yes, just pose me as you wish and I will do whatever makes you happy. 

Look at the lil black nose! He sits so well for me, I wish they were all this good. 

O.k. this is my favorite picture this week. He put his little tail up in the air and held it there, so cute.

Much, much, much harder to get a litter picture this week! They were so active and nearly impossible to capture. 

We have two puppies with their eyes open today!

 #1 is affectionately called Spot, for the spot on his head.

#2 Snoozes away soaking up the heating pad.

 #3 Really wants those peepers of his to open.

#4 Doesn’t like being alone for the picture.

Lily, not #6, patiently waits for me to stop bugging her.

Lily’s eyes are the second to open!

#5 is my chunky monkey girl. 

Look at that belly!

All done. Going back to mama for snuggles.

Butter's litter - 6 weeks

6 weeks! This is the week their confidence is shining through. They love to go in the yard for romping and playing with sticks and leaves...