Sunday, March 11, 2018

Butter's litter - 3.5 weeks

Three and a half weeks old! Soooo much has happened in one week. All four are stumbling/waddling around on their ever strengthening legs. Junior just popped right up with the best dexterity and walks very well for such a young age whereas Betty is still content to lay on her belly and pass the day away.

Their weaning formula is on it's way and they will get their first taste of solid food this week! There is growling and newly attempted barks sounding regularly from their pen, there is no mistaking their *awake* times now. Melt. My. Heart. They are giving kisses to the children during their social times, if that ain't the cutest thing EVer. They are not interested in toys, they remain a little apprehensive of their surroundings as they figure things out. Wake times are short and naps are long.

Now that they are walking, and after finding Mickey climbed outside the whelping box one afternoon, I decided it is time to remove it and prep their indoor kennel with carpet for a much expanded play area. I introduced them to the concept of a litter box today. Here's hoping they figure that out soon to make my job a little easier.

Here are their weights - Junior 1lb 6oz - Frances 1lb - Betty 1lb 7oz- Mickey 1lb 6oz

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